Monday, August 17, 2009

long journey

ok, so after being reminded over and over and over that i have not blogged in FOREVER...i am here. again. its been a long journey from Kansas to our new home in San Antonio, but we are here and happy to be here. The house is still a wreck, i still have stuff to put away, and lots of paint still needs to go on the walls (because some knucklehead decided to paint every wall in the house with flat paint...they must not have kids with dirty little hands.) so, little by little it is coming along, someday i will finish, most likely about the time its time to move again. that seems to be the way. The kids have made friends in the neighborhood and play outside most of the day...they start school next monday. :0)....that is my happy face!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Almost Home

Well, the girls and i made it to TX. We had quite a journey! Some good, some bad like getting my Credit card number stolen and having to cancel our credit cards in the middle of a move (which is NEVER good) having our loan documents show up at the wrong address...twice, Alleah getting strep and having to take her to urgent care and get her antibiotics...but despite all the madness we finally got our house...well sort of (we close on the 25th of June) The inspection went great and we are just waitng to close. We will miss the friends we made in Kansas but were definitly not sad to leave there. It wasnt a fun year, thats for sure. We are excited to settle for a few years and have a house of our own to do whatever we want to. Anyway more to come and pictures too!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

House hunting

Of course when we were in TX for Grandpas funeral we decided to take a road trip down to San Antonio. We met up with our Agent and looked at some houses, and of course we found one that we absolutly love. We put a bid up and hoped for the best. We found out it is a short sale home (pre forclosure) So its tied up in the baloney that goes on at banks as of late. they denied our first offer so we resubmitted....and then.....we wait. i hate the waiting game. drives me nuts. we are hoping to hear this next week, if they turn us down again (which we hope they dont) we will go back in a week and start all over. We love this house and allready consider it ours, which i know is totally rediculous...but its everything we need and want in a house and a fantastic area. it is brand new, never been lived in on a 1/4 acre in a new subdivision. keep your fingers crossed!

Blanco TX

I am so grateful that i was able to go to Texas for Grandpas funeral. Not that funerals are a good time, but in a way it was. i think we were all just relieved that grandpa was finally at peace and with his sweetheart and son that have been waiting for so long. And of course its always a hoot when you get my dad and his brothers together and Devin and Shawn (cousins) have definitly carried on the Crazy McClellan Boys tradition of well.....hhhmmmm....that would take a whole nother post! It was SO great to see everyone. Keri and Maren.....
Me and Little Amilynne

Mom and Dad McClellan

Devin, Shawn, Keri, Me and Amie

Man, what a homely bunch at a funeral.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

more Cakes

snowboarding yoda anyone?

Happy Birthday Dr Suess

Sariah is in Drama at her School (imagine that) since this is the month of Dr Suess' birthday they do a play in honor of his work. Sariah was the girl who found the trufula seed in the Lorax. It was a very cute play and the kids all did a great job. they performed for the elementary schools on several days and then had their final performance for the families and community last night. I helped her do her makeup and hair to be Dr Suess-ish and we were off! When she got to the school she found her Tutu that anut Keri made her was missing, some meaner decided they needed it more apparently. She was VERY sad but did a great job improvising her costume..although not to happy about it. She is growing up way to fast!!

A Chef in the making....

Zach always wants to help in the kitchen, i think he will take after his dad and be an awesome cook! He wanted to make his own pancakes and did a great job! i think the home depot apron must of helped to!